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What have i been up to?


Joseph brings the "Chaos Warrior" To life!

Over the past year i've moved into the world of video games! And got to partner with Creative Assembly on Warhammer III Total War. Voicing a very gruff CHAOS WARRIOR for the new addition of the franchise. This was a tough day in the office both vocally and creatively. I was pushed to my limits! Which always makes me leave happy and fullfilled! 

Returning client "Clarence court eggs" take you back in time!

Always a delight when clients come back for more voiceovers. This time teaming up with Lolly Agency for "Clarence Court Eggs" A delightful animation taking you back through the ages of those delicious golden yolk bombs! 

Feature Film "The Lady of Heaven"! Hear Joseph in the trailer voicing the Prophet Muhammed!

An amazing opportunity came this year as I teamed up with Enlightened Kingdom and Directors Eli King & John Stephenson OBE to voice "The Prophet Muhammed" in new feature film "The Lady of Heaven"  The heart-wrenching journey of Lady Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. Separated by 1400 years, an Iraqi child, in the midst of a war-torn country, learns the importance and power of patience.

Joseph partners with "The Waterbear Network" to launch their new streaming platform!

The Waterbear Network offers a unique multimedia platform for the human family. It will help us work together to solve the global crisis of climate change and sustainability. 

It is not always that I get to give back to the community, so working alongside the inspirational people at Waterbear I got to create an inspiring voiceover for an inspiring cause!

Actor Genevieve Gaunt records her new Voice Reel with Joseph. 

Actor Genevieve Gaunt came recorded her amazing voice reel t home dude to lock-down restrictions. And doesn't it sound awesome! Amazing how voice over artists have adapted during these times. Genevieve has gone for a perfect mix of clips that truly shows off the dynamics of her voice. It was a pleasure to work on the post production of this reel. 

Genevieve is represented by BABBLE VOICES

Genevieve Gaunt reel

Joseph partners with Maersk for Covid-19 thank you video. 

Joseph created a heartfelt voiceover in thanking all the Frontline Workers who have kept supply chains moving during this global health pandemic. From across industry these essential and frontline heroes have worked under challenging circumstances ensuring food, medicines and vital equipment are delivered, providing a key service for society. Their contribution in the fight against Covid-19 has helped communities around the world and kept supply chains moving.
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all.

This film reignited a partnership with director Malcolm Green and production company 'TO THE WILD' and was recorded from Joseph's home recording studio. The voice over script was beautifully written by Malcolm Green.  

Joseph produces the audio for new Covid-19 PUREGYM Welcome back video!

As the new-norm draws closer and closer and lockdown eases its tensions, one thing on most peoples mind will be the re-opening of gyms. PureGym have designed a cleaner and safer way to work out whilst still protecting customers from the virus. Working on the audio production and the voice over casting, we pulled in the talented Anna Krippa to voice this inspirational video reassuring the people of the UK can get back to a healthier lifestyle in the not too distant future! 

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